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09 Jan 2020

Passengers Traffic at Kuwait Airport Increased 4% during year 2019

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced that passengers traffic at Kuwait International Airport witnessed an increase of 4% during the year 2019.


The Deputy Director-General for Aviation & Air-Transport Safety Affairs and Safety Systems Coordination Center at the Directorate - Eng. Emad Al-Jalawi stated that the total number of passengers in year 2019 amounted to 15,448,909 passengers compared to 14,813,527 passengers in year 2018.


Eng. Al-Jalawi indicated that the number of arriving passengers reached 7,715,869 passengers in year 2019 compared to 7,425,564 passengers in year 2018. On the other hand, the traffic of the departing passengers reached 7,733,040 passengers compared to 7,387,963 passengers for the year 2018.


He pointed out that the total traffic of aircraft operated from and to Kuwait International Airport during the year 2019 amounted to 122,358 aircraft compared to 118,133 aircraft in year 2018.


He added that the total number of commercial flights arriving and departing in year 2019 amounted to 115,420 flights compared to 112,971 flights in year 2018.


As for air-cargo traffic, he said that the total traffic during year 2019 was 243,441,740 kilograms compared to 249,530,830 kilograms during the year 2018.


He made mention that the inbound cargo traffic in year 2019 amounted to 196,443,364 kilograms compared to 193,031,484 kilograms for year 2018. He pointing out that the traffic of outbound cargo amounted to 46,998,376 kilograms in year 2019compared to 56,499,346 kilograms in year 2018.

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