What is SMCC?

The description of the Safety Management Coordination Center

The SMCC offices are located in the Main Building of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Kuwait International Airport Building)

Tasks and Special Duties are classified as Technical professional work posts where main activities in the application of the Safety programs of international Civil Aviation Organization. (ICAO)

The main Task of the Safety Management Coordination Center is the application of rules and regulations of the Civil Aviation Safety Management system in general administration of civil aviation and all companies working and operating in the State of Kuwait, whether in the international airport building or public airport. (Sheikh Saad Airport)

  • Mainly to achieve a safe work environment free from risks and protected from all sources of risk.
  • Maintain the health and lives of workers in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
  • The Maintenance, and supervision of the property of the state and companies operating in the Kuwait International and Public airports.
  • Maintain the Safety of the Environment according to recommendations and rules of the ICAO.
  • The Implementation of (Doc 9859) of the ICAO.
  • The Adoption of International Standards in Occupational Safety.
  • Awareness and access to raise the culture of safety no just for the Organization but to individual safety.
The functions of Engineers working in the Safety Management Coordination Center
  • All the inspections, auditing daily, periodically with respect to Safety Management System, and to ensure compliance with remoteness to the Dimensions of application and documentary.
  • Implementation of the non-punitive reporting provided by the ICAO, with the process of reception of all special reports about risk and dangers from staff working in the public and international airport through risk analysis and data collection and analysis of the reports.
  • The process of research and survey special operations for all daily operations for technical departments and service providers operating in the Building of Kuwait International Airport and the Public airport building.
  • The process of daily inspection of facilities and buildings, equipment within the spatial surroundings of Kuwait International Airport, and the public airport, on the one hand the dangers and risks at work, also to analyze those risks and dangers and to propose ways and means of preventing or reducing those risks through (Resolutions - Training programs - Means of Communication - Equipment and Mechanisms)
  • Checking plans and specifications of buildings and equipment, to make sure to follow appropriate prevention procedures to avoid risks in work sites located in within the main airport building KIA and Sheikh Saad Airport.
  • Inspection of buildings, equipment and the processes, to determine the workplace hazardous for the ground service providers (KAC - NAS)
  • Advice, guidance with regards to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Ventilation equipment, and similar Safety Equipment for all workers in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
  • The Search and inspection for risks of fire and inspection of fire equipment and guidance methods to prevent the dangers of fires, and also the PPE equipment and other devices that are used to prevent accidents/incidents.
  • The collection and analysis of factors that caused accidents/incidents in the past to create preventative measures.
  • Planning and Management Guidelines, educational programs, to prevent incidents using awareness posters, movies and other means of media.