The Financial Affairs Department is responsible for the sound economic management of every aspect of Kuwait International Airport. The commercial challenges of operating a major international airport are immense and the Department’s all encompassing role is split broadly into three key sectors:

General Accounting Supervision comprises divisions handling Expenditure, Revenues, Budget, Treasury, Auditing and Airlines.
Purchases Supervision has divisions managing Tenders and Contracts, Local Purchases, External Purchases and Credits, and Customs Clearance.
Warehouses Supervision has divisions dealing with Storing Affairs, Charges and Warehouses Accounting.
The primary role of the Department is budgetary control and general accounting, which covers salaries, commodities and service requirements, transportation facilities and equipment, construction projects, maintenance and public expropriations.

The Department is also responsible for negotiating KIA’s annual budget with the Ministry of Finance. All commercial revenues collected throughout the year are accounted for by the Department and then transferred to the Ministry for central government funds. Likewise, any non-aviation revenues collected by the DGCA revert to the Ministry of Finance. This can include the letting of concessions such as Duty Free, airport advertising, the provision of weather data and baggage machines, and income from B.O.T. operations.

Overseeing airport finances is a challenging process but handled efficiently. Clearly explaining the reasons and concepts behind Depart tment requests has ensured a financial agenda that benefits all. This co- operative success is so marked that a record profit for civil aviation looks achievable in the near future. The Department is also heavily involved in forward planning decisions, including Master Plan development. Tenders and contracts for all new construction schemes have to undergo financial review, along with those involving maintenance or the refurbishment of buildings, utilities and electrical installations airpor twide.

The Department will also play its part in ensuring KIA maintains its enviable safety record, successfully making extra revenue available that will feed through into airport security in the near future. Other vital duties carried out by the Department’s staff include documentary auditing and external purchasing of supplies, equipment and maintenance spares. Also within its remit are warehouse administration, inventory and stores con.