DGCA Discusses with the Public Authority for Agriculture Means of Handling the Dust Storms

The Director-General of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources - Eng./ Ali Al-Farsi, met with representatives of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation - Meteorology Department, to discuss means of handling the dust and sand storms, their locations and local sources in Kuwait.


In a press statement, Al-Farsi affirmed that the Agriculture Authority is ready to cooperate with all government bodies to handle any matter that could helps mitigate the dust storms. Moreover, Al-Farsi directed attention to tree belts in the places causing dust, indicating his keenness to invite the government bodies that could help in identifying the sites in a scientific manner, to try to mitigate the dust storms.


Al-Farsi extended his thanks to the representatives of Civil Aviation, Eng./ Salah Al-Ansari, Dr. Hassan Dashti, and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, for their keenness and diligence in cooperating with the Public Authority for Agriculture.