Civil Aviation Organizes a Workshop on “Aviation Security” Workshop

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced the organization of a workshop on civil aviation security starting from October 13 in cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Director General of Civil Aviation Eng / Yousef Al-Fozan, told the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the workshop comes in support of the regional efforts of the International Civil Aviation Organization and highlights the role of the State of Kuwait in the field of civil aviation and related to the licensing of companies and workers in civil aviation security.

Al-Fozan explained that the workshop will be held at the headquarters of the Civil Aviation Administration with the participation of six regional countries Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, in addition to all parties operating at Kuwait International Airport such as the Ministry of Interior, Kuwait Airways, Jazeera Airways and NAS Company.

He added that the workshop is supervised by the international organization "ICAO" and will review the latest findings on aviation security licenses, international laws and the pioneering experience of civil aviation in licensing civil aviation security.


On the other hand, the Deputy Director General for Aviation Safety, Air Transport and Civil Aviation Security Eng / Duaij Khalaf Al-Otaibi said that this workshop comes as a complement to the cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), pointing out that civil aviation signed a consultancy services contract with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on the sidelines of the annual meeting of member states held in Montreal, Canada.

He stated that the contract is for a period of five years and aims to provide support and support to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation as well as to develop the civil aviation system in a safe and orderly manner.

Al-Fozan pointed out that ICAO, through its permanent consultants based in Kuwait, is following up on compliance with international rules and recommendations, including carrying out economic and technical studies and analyses, and supporting and qualifying national cadres within the vision of civil aviation to develop Kuwait International Airport and workers to achieve sustainable development.