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26 Dec 2019

Endorsing the National Search and Rescue Plan

The Higher Committee for Search and Rescue, headed by H.E. President of Civil Aviation Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Homoud Al-Sabah, endorsed the National Search and Rescue Plan for the State of Kuwait in its meeting held in the presence of the relevant authorities, namely the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, National Guard, Fire Service Department, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Kuwait Ports Authority and Kuwait Airways.


The reporter of the National Search and Rescue Committee - Eng. Emad Al-Sanousi, said that the National Search and Rescue Plan is the first of its kind in the State of Kuwait, and it will improve the rating of the State of Kuwait by the international organizations, indicating that the National Plan maps the general strategy of the search and rescue system in the State of Kuwait when applying its international concept, which is stipulated in the international treaties and agreements the State of Kuwait is committed to implement as being a party to.


 Eng. Al-Sanousi added that the National Search and Rescue Plan is considered an international requirement that must be fulfilled, and will be followed by several steps including the establishment and operation of centers specialized in coordinating the search and rescue processes and training the teams of these centers and equipping them with all capabilities that enable them to carry out their duties so as to complete the search and rescue requirements of the relevant international organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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